McSpirit Night at Zhills!


Store #3475 in Zephyrhills hosted a McSpirit Night for R.B. Stewart Middle School on March 2 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. School supporters turned in 123 receipts so the school will receive a check for $235.54 as a donation from Caspers Company. This was the first McSpirit Night for R.B. Stewart Middle School, and they had a good turnout. It was really busy.

A big reason for their success is because there were at least four or five teachers who came to participate and support their school's fundraiser. We had the teachers working, cleaning tables, helping with games, and helping with their students’ orders. The families all liked the games we had for them to play. We offered a BOG card to whomever won. The teachers said next time they think it would be cool to have the Hamburglar there too. Our team did a great job!

By General Manager Josh Lee



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