Debbie's Defenders All American Judging

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Debbie's Defenders rounded up our final week of judging Friday for our All American Competition at our University McDonald's®.

The team was led by Shift Managers Jennifer Hutchinson from Dade City and Alva Cornelio from Zephyrhills.

Team members were:
Team Service - Logan Zornes- 3475
Team Service - Raedawn Wintrow- 3475
Team Service Expeditor - Kyle Thompson- 11472
DT Order Taker - Sarah Simons- 3475
DT Order Taker - Sarah Crumbliss- 35680
DT Present - Wanice Matthews- 35680
DT Runner - Elijah Murphy- 11472
DT Cash - Vanessa Haynes- 3475
Initiator - Christian Fernandez- 3475
Initiator - Bayron Mendoza- 11472
Assembly - T.J. Colisimo- 35680
Assembly - Evan Michael Weber- 3475
Grill - Levi Smith- 5018
Fried Product - Natasha Rodriguez- 3475
Fries - IIeana Brown- 35680
Buns - Zach Edwards- 35680

Congratulations, Debbie's Defenders!



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Posted on Jul 11, 2017 by Vanessa

I had so much fun! I gave it my all,we all did. And ronald was hilarious! whooo whoo

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