Caspers Super Stars Led 2016 GM Awards Program


This year we recognized six Caspers General Manager Super Stars at the 2016 GM Awards Luncheon held on February 27, 2017 at our office. Our Super Stars are those that are just about perfect in the number of areas that we measure, from People to Profit to Operations.

The Super Star winners for 2016 were: Blake Lucy at Seffner; Yesy Cruz at Northdale; Dimas Alvarez at Waters Avenue; Alex Ellis at Ruskin; Anthony Naylor at Fourth Street South; and Yvohn Allgood at Falkenburg. Their area supervisors introduced their Super Stars and outlined their many great accomplishments for 2016.

About 100 people attended the event which was catered to perfection by CBK. The foods featured were lemon chicken, meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, and two great salads. Also served were three dessert cups. The quality of food and service was outstanding, which was fitting for our outstanding award winners.

A number of presenters gave accolades to their respective award recipients. At this event we also take advantage of the occasion to present our Office Staff Employee of the Year. This year’s winner was Kristin DiPiazza who did a superb job in payroll and also had to cover for many weeks while a team member was out of service due to a medical issue. Also honored were Brian Wischnack for Making a Difference as he stepped up his already great game, and transferred the entire accounting staff upstairs while a downstairs remodel took place without any loss of staff productivity.

Honored also at this event were the Department Managers of the Year. Annually we announce one from each operations group. Karli Wheelock from the Gandy location and Campion Collins who worked at both Fletcher Avenue and I-4, were recognized for their tremendous work in 2016.

Operations honored several GM Making a Difference award winners this year from our talented GM family. Kim Ellis from Gulfport, Marcus Boykin from Broadway, Jose Pagan from Fletcher and Shameka Cooper from Busch Boulevard all made unique contributions and were recognized by their area supervisors.

Our 2016 Rookie of the Year went to General Manager Kyle Brunk from Tyrone Boulevard. Kyle ran Madeira Beach for much of the year and did a great job after taking over a challenging situation.

Training awards were given to GM Yvohn Allgood from Falkenburg and Area Supervisor Sara Lawhorne for developing staff and making sure their people were rewarded through promotion for their focus on training.

Our 2016 Valuing People award for low turnover and consistent staff size went to seven General Managers. Jordan Garcia from Florida Avenue, Terra Caudill from Oldsmar, Josh Lee from Zephyrhills, Zuelem Santiago from Sun City, Sharon Sims from Carrollwood, Jeff Jolly from Tampa General Hospital and Tanya Lennon from Zephyrhills Wal-Mart won this honor.

Operations gave a special Making a Difference award to Kim Scott and Zakee Bailey in Human Resources based on their untiring efforts to train and demonstrate the effectiveness of our new applicant tracking system from Talent Reef.

Restaurant teams were also recognized for various sales and guest count achievements for 2016. See the following pictures for the complete list of winners.

Congratulations to all restaurant teams for a great 2016. Every team faced unique challenges and opportunities. A lot of hard work and consistent effort was put forth by many hundreds of managers and thousands of crew people to make these results happen. We are proud of ALL of our teams!!



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