Caspers Company Welcomes Chris Casper

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Chris Casper joined us in January 2017 as General Counsel. Chris will be acting as legal counsel and represent Caspers in future business ventures of Blake Casper, Allison Casper Adams, and Robby Adams. Chris was brought in to help facilitate the company’s growth as we expand. Chris feels like this position is a great opportunity, and he is very proud to share the same last name of Casper. He said he thinks it’s really neat to join the family business that was started by his grandfather, Fritz Casper.

Before joining Caspers Company, Chris was in private practice with the James-Hoyer investigative law firm doing civil litigation and handled cases all over the country. During this time Chris traveled a lot, and as he traveled he began to notice that Caspers restaurants were the best run restaurants in the McDonald’s system. He felt like they were the most professional, the cleanest, and most organized of any others that he saw. Chris graduated from Jesuit High School in 1986. He went on to graduate from Georgetown University in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in English, and finally went on to graduate from University of Florida Law School in 1994.
Chris is married to his wife of 21 years, Andrea, who is a junior high school English teacher at Christ the King Catholic School in South Tampa. His daughter, Grace, is 19 years old and is a freshman at the University of South Carolina. Claire, his 18 year daughter, is a senior at Robinson High School in the IB program. Sarah, his 15 year old daughter, is a sophomore at Robinson High School also in the IB program. His son, Stephen, is 7 years old and is a student at Christ the King Catholic School.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys fishing and shooting sporting clays. He will be joining Vice President, Community Relations Bob Conigliaro at the Tampa Bay Shooting Clays for Ronald McDonald House Charities event representing Caspers Company on Thursday, March 9 in Land O Lakes. He said he is looking forward to participating in future sporting clays events with the company as well. Chris is also a big fan of the television game show Jeopardy, and he even competed on the show in 2006. He came in second to a 19 year old who went on to win six games in a row and compete in the Tournament of Champions.

Chris is Blake and Allison’s first cousin. As a kid, Chris loved going to his grandfather’s fishing cabin on Little Gasparilla Island with his family. The Casper family also often went to Minnesota to fish and hunt. Chris has good memories of going to Minnesota during the summer with his cousins and fishing with them. His grandpa Fritz was always proud that Allison could bait her own hook. They used live leeches as bait. He also remembers the whole Casper family going to the Lodge out in Oldsmar for holidays and special events with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. There would always be lots of food, games, and fun outside in the huge yard. Upstairs at the Lodge there was a big room where they played darts, shuffleboard, and other games. He will never forget the time when Blake was about 4 years old he fell down the stairs and lost a tooth. He remembers all the grandchildren always being there together for holidays. Another special memory was when his uncle, Joe Casper, got married to Lynn in Maui in 1998. Well over 100 people from the Casper family and Caspers Company traveled together to Hawaii to celebrate their wedding.

Joining Caspers Company was an easy decision for Chris. He was ready to try something new and different. He said, “This has been a really great experience so far!” Please stop by to say hello and welcome Chris next time you are at the office. His office is across from Chuck Peterson’s and next to Brian Wischnack’s office. We’re excited to have Chris with us at Caspers and to see what the future holds for him here.



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